A couple of months ago, I attended a workshop with horses led by equus coaches, Koelle Simpson and Jennifer Voss. I signed up late so I was only able to attend as an observer, but I was so blown away by what I saw, I knew I wanted more, and I wanted to share it with others.  So…I got my Our Green Moment workshops and retreats website back online and kicked off a new retreat there (and unfortunately ignored this blog a bit).  And now the retreat is almost here!  Erin Cutshall, a Martha Beck- and Koelle Simpson-trained and -certified life and equus coach will be here from Utah co-facilitating the retreat.  Both Erin and Stacey Warner, also a Koelle Simpson-trained equus coach, will be leading us with the our time with the horses as we learn how to communicate wordlessly with horses as well as how to interpret the feedback we receive from them about how our energy and wordlessness state is interacting in the realm of oneness.  I’ll be there as a guide using yoga-based instruction with Amy Khan using reiki to ground and align our energy and then to express the creative flow that we’ve tapped into as well.

So, please mark your calendars and register as soon as possible (registration closes January 18th!) for two full days, January 27-28th, of a mind-blowing workshop A Horse, A Coach (or Two), Creative Flow, and You Retreat at Reigning Grace Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.


What Energetic Blocks are Preventing you from Realizing your Dreams?

  • What: Two full days of hands-on coaching in an intimate workshop (up to 12 participants) communicating wordlessly with horses (no riding involved). After finding the sweet spot of communication flow working with the horses, we’ll practice feeling, maintaining, and moving that flow into another creative expression through writing, drawing, and/or painting.
  • When: January 27-28, 2013
  • Where: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Who: Erin Cutshall and Carolyn Bentley Wells

Sometimes when we’re trying to make our dreams become a reality, things just don’t seem to turn out the way we want them to.

Imagine being able to see the energy of your life at work directly in front of you and receiving immediate feedback as to what may be blocking your energetic flow and preventing you from seeing your dreams become reality.

Ground yourself, feel your connection to the earth and all that exists.
Visualize your desired outcome.
Release the need to control it.
Be present and play.
Receive feedback on your flow and possible blocks (i.e., insert a life coach here), and adjust.
Continue to let go of control…
See your visualization come to life, possibly in a form you didn’t expect, but there it is.

In a coach-led workshop with horses, we can put all this into practice AND see the immediate results and feedback right in front of us. Carolyn will lead us in meditation exercises to feel grounded and connected to all that is and give tips on visualizations as they apply to your life. Erin will guide you in interacting with the horse and how to interpret the feedback that the horse is giving you.  (There is no riding involved.)

Horses have an amazing ability to show us exactly who we are being in any given moment by mirroring our energy – giving us feedback on what we are truly asking for from the world around us. You’ll have the opportunity to become more aware of your energy, learn to understand and set healthy boundaries, and feel the difference between being and doing in your life. You can learn to lean away from a focus on the old energy of doing and lean into a focus on the new energy of being.

Finding your creative flow and working with the unfiltered love of animals is healing.

As you discover that sweet spot with your energetic flow after working with the horses, you’ll be given a space for creative expression in the form of free flow painting.

To learn more and register… (Register soon! Deadline is January 18th.)