A few websites I’ve ‘designed’.  I put ‘designed’ into quotes because, other than the first website I built from scratch using HTML, I use and modify wordpress templates.  I’ve looked into and tried several web hosting solutions, and now I host my own websites and others at Hostgator.com – they are 130% offset by wind credits (they embrace eco-friendly practices), and they have excellent customer service with no funny business (some web host providers seem to play dirty tricks…always buy your domain name from a third party, just in case you run into the wrong hosting company.  This allows you to simply point your domain name to a new and better provider in case your hosting company fails you.)

Aging and Cancer: The Role of Telomerase
This was created for my graduating biochemistry honors project in 1999. I had a blast with this project! – learning the HTML and the little revisions to get it looking just right.  I miss HTML.

Carolyn Sandra Bentley
Yep, that’s this website. It’s had many faces and will continue to change…

Our Green Moment workshops and retreats
This is my website and LLC business dedicated to workshops and retreats for the soul. It’s also had a couple of faces.

The Social Chimp Photobooth
This website is dedicated to an amazing photo booth business that my brother runs.

Sasha Wells
This is a website dedicated to my daughter’s creations, currently she’s excited about the kitchen.

Collaborative Dream Websites that I designed with collaboration in mind but haven’t quite made it past the idea phase…should I post these?  🙂  Maybe soon…we’ll see.

Completed websites designed for others:
Tennis with a Twist – ’tis better to serve than receive : combining soul with strategy. Designed for tennis pro and animal lover, Donna Rae Yuritic.