Truth…Love…Oneness from Carolyn Wells on Vimeo.

This is a little video (3 min) I shot of myself a couple of years ago as a final project after a year-long online course called Visionary Courier.  In a child-like drawing at the beginning of the course I wrote that my values were in truth, love, and oneness.  The visionary part of the course was about healing, the courier part was about creating.  We can use the same tools for healing (removing blocks to our essential self) as for creating our lives (removing blocks to our essential self and flow of the universe).

Below are the thoughts I noted down before shooting it and then worked to convey through setting, acting, and editing.

truth = love = one(ness)

awareness, hidden thoughts are part of the whole

choppy, too many thoughts vs. peaceful mind with fewer thoughts passing through, a mess vs. clarity

our view of the world, our perceptions shape us, our world, the world

sometimes I’m oblivious
sometimes I’m trying so hard, hoping to learn by the books, yet still missing the point

works best when I’m absorbing, listening, being, accepting, exploring

mountain pose – awareness, being One, considered one of hardest yoga poses by some, looks simple

me in crowd-share common bond, truth, love, oneness with everyone