When I wrote The Power of the Mind short story as a teenager (yesterday’s post), I based it on my own experience of hearing voices in water.  It scared and bothered me sometimes so much that I had to get out of the shower or quickly wash my hands, but it also interested me. I remember that when I couldn’t hear it, I would try to again to understand what I was experiencing better.  Luckily, as I was going through this time in my life, I was living with my family and going to school so I had plenty of other social interactions in my life.  This helped me understand that I seemed to be the only one hearing the voices in the water so I could feel safe and not let the experience overtake me like it did for Thomas in yesterday’s story.

I changed the title of the post yesterday to better reflect what the draw to the story might be in today’s world (literally, today, what are people thinking about?)…it’s not just the power of the mind, but a commentary on possibly too much solitude and where it can lead someone, especially a creative mind.

The path to highest creative potential is the same path that leads to highest spiritual potential.  As we look at moving into the creative flow, it’s about removing blocks to that flow.  This is the same process to achieve higher consciousness.  So where does that take us if we follow Buddhism and other meditative/spiritual practices based at home and not necessarily in touch with a community?  I see a movement towards this, and while I am a strong supporter of meditation, a home-based yoga practice, and I really enjoy Buddhist philosophy, I have some concern that this isn’t enough, especially as people also head to even more solitude with home-based and Internet-based businesses.

We need community and physical interaction with others.  Nature works too.  Alone for too long inside a building just doesn’t seem to work.  Solitude is important and does aid in  spiritual growth and approaching a sense of unity and oneness, but it can lead to that sense of separation again if that solitude lacks grounding in our physical world.

As our churches and religious institutions crumble all around us, we’ll need something new.

We need (more) community-based creation.  Spirituality and creativity both need community support to balance the solitude.