How do you go about rewriting a story that has a major flaw in its premise? Like who is in control?

Do you toss it, let it go, or see what you learn by rewriting it?

What if this story is your own life story? What if this story is your perception of God/Goddess/Universal Energy and your separation from others?

It’s hard to understand where our control and power begins and ends in our lives when we interact and depend on others so much, but we are indeed in control of our own thoughts and perceptions, and these thoughts and perceptions of ourselves and others has the power to shape who we are and how others interact and perceive us. So what if we’re off in our perceptions? And, except in moments of clarity and enlightenment, most of us are off to some degree. If we don’t see ourselves and others as beings of Light having a human experience in each and every moment, then our perceptions are off. Wow. I can remember that for a moment, feel wonderful and light-hearted in that moment, but I’ll forget it the next.

Do we revisit the past and see it in a new light? Or do we work from our newfound wisdom in this present moment? And in considering the future?

When I consider my own life and misperceptions which caused me to make the choices that I have made, I can see more clearly how this has also affected others as they form their own perceptions and make their own choices.  I feel the pull to make apologies to everyone but also immense gratitude for the journey.  I want to make the apology for not recognizing my own light which either prevents me from seeing theirs (most likely) or causes me to place them on a pedestal (which will prevent me from ever seeing my own light and others as well).  At the same time that I feel this …what is it…regret? disappointment in myself? feeling sorry for my thoughts and actions…, I also feel truly grateful for the journey that I have been on and the life lessons I have received, especially compassion (for others and myself, with the latter being so much harder than it sounds, but it is so key!).

So, with that said, here is my open apology to my friends, family, and the Universe for not realizing my own Light and its brilliance which also prevented me from seeing yours – that being the original sin – seeing myself (and others) as separate from God/Goddess and His/Her Light. I have made some strange choices based on other beliefs that I held strongly to, but I’m working to break free from those illusions.

In that same respect, my responsibility now is not to run around apologizing to everyone that I see from my past, but to feel compassion for myself and others as we all make our own journeys back to understanding and recognizing ourselves as light beings (just having a human experience – I’m ready to play and have fun with it!).