I have a personal project that has been sitting on my shelf for months now, and I think it needs some company…

Vision: I’ll be giving disposable cameras to homeless people (with a reward of $20 for its return to me by that same person) and give them a few coaching tips on finding that peaceful, zen moment in their everyday life when they focus on capturing things that they find beauty and excitement in, whether it’s lines, light patterns, or a subject in their environment. The idea is to help them see the beauty in their environment by shifting their awareness (if it’s not already…I’m expecting that the awareness is there for some already, especially those that are interested in doing this), and then I also see it just as an invitation and a space to share in our humanity, our oneness and awareness of each other, especially those that are currently somewhat invisible.

Next step is murky: I’ll definitely create a website for their photos. Then I’m considering getting funding through indiegogo or somewhere to create a little outdoor public art display of their (hopefully!) signed prints. An art gallery owner suggested I enter the images in contests to have it picked up by and featured in an art gallery.  I welcome suggestions and ideas here.

I’m letting this flow…if anyone is interested in joining me or has ideas or suggestions, let me know! I had planned do this as soon as Saturday, but if there’s others interested, I can wait (or troubleshoot this weekend and let you know how it goes 🙂