As the world changes, as we hear of institutions crumbling, I like to look at my life and consider what this world might look like, and, really, how would we function best and recreate something that works better?  At the core, it’s simply moving away from fear-based living to a heart-centered approach.

Religion: churches become community-based creative space, the “sermon” is replaced by teaching tools for reaching peace, love, and finding our creative flow. This can be accomplished in all sorts of ways…my own life path has taken me to the tools provided by meditation, yoga, and life coaching for removing blocks and patterns that prevent self-love and a peaceful mind. The community and retreat space is built and enjoyed for music, painting, dance, and creative expression.

Marriage: this moves to celebrating relationships and partners, possibly staying with a partner for life, possibly changing as we change.  Currently marriage as an institution is a tax break, a social acceptance strategy, and a means to secure a shared household and income to raise children, it’s not always a healthy relationship and people can stay in them for the wrong reasons and may have only needed the person in their life for a lesson.  A marriage contract is fear-based. Why do we need something formal to stay in a relationship? We allow everyone else in and out of our lives except the one that is supposed to be based the most on love.  By moving towards more community-based living again, we won’t need the formalities of marriage as we learn to support each other better. This will free us to follow our paths better, meeting the people we need to in life as we move along our journeys.

Government: We built our country based on freedom, but our government seems to be more about creating rules and limiting freedom.  As our government changes, I see it moving towards being and feeling like a support system again.  Changing our focus from a fear-based one run by corporations protecting their own self-interests and based on protecting us from each other based on our fears, etc., to a heart-centered and supportive government asking the question:  Where are we struggling in our community?  What blocks us from doing our jobs and raising our families and being healthy and happy?

Food…consumption…where does this come in?  It’s huge and not easy…I’m hoping to visit this in detail soon.  Conscious, mindful consumption.  I’ve been approached it in my life in the past but left it when I allowed life to overwhelm me.  It takes slowing down and enjoying what is right in front of you in the moment with an awareness of the why and the what.  Answer to our global problems?  Possibly.  I’d like to start with me.