I forget.  I often forget that not everyone is like me.  It seems strange, but it happens all the time.

I live my life through synchronicities and intuition and a keen awareness of the thoughts and emotions moving through me.

I believe this life is possible for anyone and everyone with a desire for it and that chooses to live in conscious alignment, with integrity, when thoughts, actions, and emotions agree with one another.  When I notice a disagreement, I hold it in my awareness as a note to myself as an area for growth and possibly healing.

This morning I felt a heavy weight over me and a sadness creeping in.  I fought it because I didn’t understand it, nor did I want to feel sad, especially when I didn’t know what caused it.  Denying that the feeling had a reason for being there didn’t help, trying to give it back to the universe as a feeling that wasn’t my own didn’t help either, so finally I realized that maybe I just needed to feel the feeling – its full weight and the sadness.  My eyes welled up with tears just a bit, I felt the sadness wash over me, it almost felt good to feel it actually, and then it was gone.  That emotion was part of me, and it needed me to accept, acknowledge, and release it.

And then I remembered something else too that I often forget – life gets its flavor from the ups and the downs.  All moments are there passing through to experience in the moment, not to hold onto – the blissful moments will come more often when we learn to enjoy all of the experience – the ups and the downs.  The truly blissful moments are not meant for holding onto any more than the difficult moments.  I had been feeling pretty good so I just wanted to push away the emotions that felt not so good.   As I write this, the emotions are still bouncing up and down, more down than up actually.  And I’m noticing that if I don’t dwell on them and bring my focus back and grounding into the present moment, I’m back in a place of peace and enjoyment, no matter where my emotions and thoughts may lead – up or down.  I know that being present brings me joy.  And there I will leave this writing and hit ‘publish’

…in a moment of peace and joy…