Crazy thing is…when you get working on other websites, you ignore your own, especially when think you’ve locked yourself out of your own site…oops.  So, quickly, before I do much more, I want to announce that my Our Green Moment website is alive and kicking with a new and wonderful retreat headed your way very, very soon!  (So register now!) It involves horses, a couple of equus coaches, me, a reiki/massage therapist, amazing food, and creative expression through painting and drawing, and more…

I’ll tell you more about it here in a bit, but in the meantime, head on over to the:
A Horse, A Coach (or Two), Creative Flow, and You retreat description

And, if you happen to have a passion for the healing power of horses and/or children, please consider signing this petition, or just take a peak to learn more about what working with animals can offer our world: a petition to stop the eviction of a horse farm therapy center for autistic children.