The New York Times recently published an interesting article, “Picture, Picture on the Wall”, on memorializing your home, whether it be your second home or live-in home, through photography.

The article states that the ultimate way to do this is the hire a well-known architectural photographer (for as much as $75,000) to photograph your home and then create wall portraits and/or a coffee table book of the home.  For smaller projects, homeowners can hire a local photographer and still create a coffee table book of their home, possibly to sit right beside that magazine their home has been featured in.

This may be a personal project of mine someday when we finally get our house looking like we want…someday…

Until then, my current project is memorializing the delicious and ever-expanding, family-run Someburros restaurants.  Here’s an artistic rendering of their newest location in Gilbert by the new San Tan shopping center: