a snail becomes a slug

A snail
Loosens its hold

Until it crawls out
With ease

Its search for
A new home
To call its own.

Walking through each room
Feeling the ties
Shedding some tears,
Cutting the weak cords,
Sawing away slowly at the stronger cords.
Almost free.
Without full ownership
It’s easier to let go.

Happy to take the dreams, the wisdom,
My heart.
Opening…removing one last layer,
The shell

A snail
Chancing upon a can of spilled Jolt
Jogs its memories
Of reason enough to bolt
Removing the guilt
That was creeping in.
Giving inner strength and energy.

When the advice continues to ring-
Slow down
They say,
Not seeing
That I am
A snail.

~by Carolyn Bentley, 2010