One of my goals for 2008 was to give more, basically.  I enjoy donating and supporting causes, but it always seems a little haphazard.  The planet has always been important to me (environmental science was one of my majors…yes, I guess I’m a treehugger), and it is so much more glaringly obvious that we need to do more and more quickly nowadays.  So, this year I’ve formally committed to donating at least 1% of my sales to “the planet” and joined the organization, 1% For the Planet.

1% for the Planet

Specifically I will be donating to World Wildlife Fund. WWF logo

and to the Natural Resources Defense Council

NRDC logo description 

I chose these two organizations because I believe NRDC is probably the most effective organization at combating global warming and protecting our earth and animals, and WWF was so helpful to me when I conducted my field research in Cameroon (and I love how approachable and friendly WWF feels for getting kids interested in endangered species and the planet!).